Heavy blankets, also called weight or therapy blankets, have been heavily fashionable for several months. Cheap weighted blanket for sale. The sleep trend from the USA has now also gained a foothold in Europe. But what exactly are weight blankets and what makes them so special?

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In Germany we love thick, warm blankets in winter, in Spain from spring onwards we prefer bed paint / duvet cover and in America the duvet cannot be large enough. As different as the preferences are from country to country, the need for a blanket at night is just as uniform.

Whether the feeling of security or the room temperatures influence our choice of duvet and why we use duvets in the first place, you can find out in the following article.

Where do duvets actually come from?

Already in ancient Egypt, with the Romans or in the Middle Ages there were duvets. best weighted blanket 15 lbs. Although these were initially part of the luxury of the wealthier population, over time duvets became more and more common among the middle class.

The bed with its ceilings, one of the most expensive items in the house, was, however, a luxury item for a long time. This is also shown by the still known, but no longer common with us, tax / dowry for newly married.

Part of this traditional gift consisted primarily of duvet, linen and cloths and was a common custom that is still common in other cultures today.

How duvets affect our nights!

But why do we cover ourselves when we sleep? In cold months, the warming, protective aspect may be an important point, but there are quite different reasons!

When we get tired, our body starts to cool down by pouring out the hormone melatonin. This happens about 60-90 minutes before our usual bedtime. As we sleep, we repeat a sleep cycle of three different lengths every 90 minutes: light, deep and dream sleep.

After the muscles have relaxed during the light sleep phase, our heart rate, body temperature and blood pressure decreases during the deep sleep phase. This phase is especially important for a restful sleep and is therefore difficult to wake up.

In the dream sleep phase, REM sleep begins with rapid eye movements (Rapid Eye Movemet). In this phase, the brain sets out to sort all our information to connect us. So we’re really actively starting to “sleep one night over a thing.”

Further physical changes also begin here. This means, among other things, that we are not able to regulate our own body temperature during REM sleep, whether by sweating or trembling. Therefore, at this stage, we need external influence/protection to control our temperature. This is where the duvet comes in.

Sure, if you go to bed and it’s hot, you don’t need a duvet, but what’s a few hours later? If you can no longer regulate your temperature by trembling or sweating, a blanket is necessary. However, there is another reason here that speaks for duvets. Because in this second phase of sleep, our body also drastically reduces its serotonin level.

As a result, we are no longer so happy, calm or comfortable without this neurotransmitter. weighted blanket for sleep stress and anxiety. And here, too, blankets come into play, because they can increase the serotonin level in the body.

Especially weight blankets stimulate our brain to produce more serotonin and thus allow a more comfortable sleep.

Have weight blankets always been there?

Anxiety and stress weighing heavily at night? A new blanket might help

Weight blankets were not simply invented or prescribed by doctors. Rather, they are a development of centuries-old and handed down knowledge.

Grandmothers and mothers have always put their children under thick, multi-layered blankets to make them sleep comfortably and well. Above all, however, many stories and records tell us that one thing has always identified these ceilings: their weight.

Weighted Blankets for Teens and Adults

This historical and cultural memory exists all over the world and has permeated itself for generations. weighted blanket black friday deals. Nowadays, however, the blankets are mostly made of lightweight materials and differ from the traditional weight blankets of our grandmothers.

However, sleep research and several studies have found that weight blankets are important for promoting healthy and comfortable sleep. It is therefore not a new concept, just a knowledge that has been studied and taken up again. Especially in sleep therapy, weight blankets were used again for the first time to relax the body and reduce prevailing levels of anxiety and stress.